General Terms and Conditions

Boats listed on webpage can be booked directly from their owners or through external website Click&Boat (link1 and link2 – to see the full boat offer, select the owner avatar -> listings).

Reservation and Cancellation procedures are described in sections 3 and 4 of this document.

Boat ownership is listed on Legal Data page. While enjoying the boats, you should take care of the boats as it is your own property and with manners of good proprietor. There is no restrictions on how to use the boats as long you are respecting the local laws, sea regulations and the safety of all persons on or near the boat. At least one person on the boat should have a valid boat driving license without which you can not rent a boat. If you don’t have a valid boat driving license, you can rent a skipper.

Boat prices, skipper and additional equipment prices are listed on each boat page, so these General Terms and Conditions is the extension of each listing.

Before renting a boat please make sure the boats are available for rent during the requested period. You can do so by contacting the boat owner using the booking form on each boat page or using the general contact form on home page. You can contact the boat owners by mail on or cellphone on +385 91 676 7325.

1. Prices

In order to check the prices, you should first select the desired available dates on each boat page. If the boat is available, the price will be shown in the booking form.

The shown price includes the boat price for the selected period and final cleaning cost. If selected, the price can also include additional costs for renting a skipper and/or a towable tube.

The prices do not include:

a. Fuel cost. The boat is rented with a full fuel tank and should be returned with a full fuel tank. The tank can be filled in Marina Veruda port where the boat is rented.

b. Damage deposit. Damage deposit is refundable in case no damage or equipment loss is made. In case of any minor or major damage, scratch, dent, equipment loss, etc. (the list is not final) damage deposit will not be refunded. Clients are advised to take a look at the boat together with boat owner and to take photos of each part of the boat before taking over the boat.

In order to obtain the complete list of expenses, contact the boat owners so there will be no hidden or extra costs.

2. Optional costs

To rent the boat, at least one person should have the boat driving license. If you don’t have the license, you can rent a skipper.

e. Skipper. Skipper price is shown on boat listing. Skipper will be with you on the boat the whole time, taking you where ever you want (in a reasonable distance) and take care of all guests. Having skipper on the boat does not exclude the damage responsibility – you are still responsible for the damage that you and/or boat guests have made.

f. Towable tube. Towable tube price is shown on boat listing. The price includes also the towable rope, triangle and life saving jacket.

3. Booking procedure

In order to book the boat you should first select the available dates. In the booking form choose additional options if you want. Booking form calculates the total prices (without damage deposit and fuel cost) and the reservation amount.

Reservation amount is calculated as 50% of only the boat renting price for the selected period and represents the least amount that should be transferred to boat owner bank account in order to obtain the reservation. The rest of the total price + damage deposit should be paid in cash upon your arrival to port.

After selecting the button ‘Book Now!’ an email with booking procedure will be sent to your email address provided in the booking form. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder or contact the boat owner.

4. Cancellation

In this section we will try to explain in short some cancellation examples. To be absolutely sure if your cancellation request is valid, contact the boat owner before renting a boat.

4.1. Guest cancellation. Guests can cancel the reservation 30 days before arrival and the full reservation amount will be returned to the person that has made the reservation. If cancelled less than 30 days before check-in, no refunds will be made.

4.2. Owner cancellation. Boat owner can cancel anytime without explaining their reasons, in case which a full refund will be made. Boat owner will try to provide you the replacement boat in the same price range.

4.3. Force majeur. In case of force majeur, reservation cancellation or date change will be negotiated between customers and boat owners and those options will be agreed to both satisfaction. In case of force majeur cancellation, full refund to guests can be made.

Some force majeur examples:
– special weather reports preventing any trips to sea,
– legislative and regulatory changes,
– natural disasters, fires, storms, floods, wars and acts of terrorism, internal strikes, disease, power surges and shocks, failures of cooling systems and computer equipment, blockages and slowdowns in electronic communications networks, and,
– more generally, any unpredictable event beyond the control of boat owners and customers.

To prevent any possible problems, constant communication with boat owner is advised.